Welcome at ATS Aquashop!

Dear aquarists,
who has not wanted to present his fish at home outside the aquarium? This often fails because of the possibilities to create good photos and from this the corresponding print data.
All this is not necessary in our Aquashop! Here we offer high-quality pictures of top photographers from the scene (including Enrico Richter, Ingo Seidel and Andreas Tanke), which we offer on acrylic with real glass coating, brushed aluminum and on photo canvas with stretcher on. By default, you can purchase these images in the dimensions 30 * 20 cm, 40 * 30 cm and 80 * 60 cm from us. Other dimensions are available at any time as a special request.
In addition, we will subsequently expand our product range, both in terms of motifs and material. Later, coffee mugs, posters, calendars, postcards, mousepads, T-Shirts and many more items will be added.
The motifs of these art prints are mostly from our picture shop (www.ats-bildershop.de), in which we will offer a large selection of photos from the nature. Of course, these can also be used excellently in your publications.
Now we hope you will enjoy the time in browsing in our shop.

Sincerely yours

Andreas Tanke