Die Antennenwelse der Gattung Ancistrus / The Bristlenose Catfishes of the Genus Ancistrus

The Bristlenose Catfishes of the Genus Ancistrus

The genus Ancistrus is the most popular genus of the family Loricariidae, not only because of its species richness. Meanwhile, more than 70 species have been scientifically described and it is estimated that another 100-150 species exist undescribed in South American waters. The distribution of the genus reaches all South American countries with the exception of Chile, and also transandean the distribution reaches even further to Panama.

These catfishes certainly owe their popularity above all to their bizarre appearance. Because the sexually mature males show long, bizarre looking tentacles at the margin oft he snout. But also their adaptability and the mostly low demands, the useful characteristics and the usually not difficult breeding ability have given them many friends.

In our new book “The Bristlenose Catfishes of the Genus Ancistrus”, we (Ingo Seidel and Andreas Tanke) present almost all representatives of this genus known in the hobby in detail in words and pictures. We go into detail about the habitats, the demands and everything worth knowing about these species.

The book is to be published next year in two languages (German and English) under the condition that sufficient aquarists inform us of their needs in advance. So we ask you to tell us if you are interested.

As soon as we know the exact scope of the book and thus also the final price and publication date, we will accept binding pre-orders for it on this page. Here you will also find further information about the book and its availability. We are also interested in contacting dealers.